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Do's and Don't of a Job Interview

While going for a job interview we are often confused as to how do we present ourselves. Do we overdo or under play ourselves. What wil...

While going for a job interview we are often confused as to how do we present ourselves. Do we overdo or under play ourselves. What will impress the interviewer the most about us. We all want to make a good impression but what are the ingredients that make a interview go well. We may be qualified for a certain position yet the interview has to go well in order to win over the future employees and first impression as they say is the last and lasting one.
Here are some points for you to help choose what's best for you and how you can strike a balance between your positive and negative traits. Keep these points in mind while going for an interview and you might just do well and ace your interview with right preparation.
While asked certain questions try to choose the answer that suggest positive traits and show the right attitude.
Some of the examples of these characteristics are-
Your answer should be Achievement-oriented
You should sound agreeable
Being Assertive shows the strength of your character.
You should be emotionally stable and imaginative in your answers.
You should be open to new experiences and sound adventurous.
Dependability is another strong trait.
You should be a good communicator and listening is as important as telling.
You have to be conscientious, trustworthy and responsible.
Being optimistic, sociable and tolerant also show positive side of your character.
You should always avoid answers that suggest negative traits of your personality like-
Negative attitude
Over confidence
Poor impulse controls or temper
Emotional dysfunction
Lack of self worth
Disregard for rules.
Anti social or disregard for people.
All these traits doesn't exactly show the best side of you specially in a job interview where your future employees are looking for the best in you and want a candidate with not just qualification but an edge above the rest.

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