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Interview Help - Pre-Interview Strategies to Get Your Dream Job

Many people lose the position of their dreams before they have been interviewed. How? Unknowingly, these candidates overlook important pre...

Many people lose the position of their dreams before they have been interviewed. How? Unknowingly, these candidates overlook important preparation strategies for the meeting. You can drastically change the interviewer's perception of you as an employee with a little preparation.
Before the interview, research the company for which you are interviewing. By learning about the company that you are interviewing with, you will have the opportunity to assess your abilities and determine how they will exceed the needs of the employer. Your credibility will receive a large boost with the interviewer; they will see that you are genuinely interested in the position.
Before walking into a job interview, you should be able to answer most of these questions about the company:
  • What does the company do?
  • Who is the president of the company?
  • Is the president a different person than the owner?
  • Who are the company's major competitors?
  • How many people currently work for the company?
  • Who is their target audience (standard customer)?
  • Who will be interviewing you? What is their title at the company?
  • Is the company privately held or publicly traded?
  • What is the company's annual gross revenue?
To do this, utilize these outlets:
  • Go to the company's website (if available).
  • Use a search engine to search for information on the Internet.
  • Find and read the company's brochures (for their products).
  • Check the library for any local newspaper articles that have been published in the past.
  • Call the Better Business Bureau.
  • Research their competitors.
Plan to make a trip by the company a few days before your interview. In doing this, you will be able to assess the demeanor of current employees. Park outside and observe the mood of the employees leaving for the day. Eat lunch where the workers eat. You will be able to judge their mood by their lunch conversations, and see how they dress for work on a daily basis. When you go in for the interview, you'll have a better idea of how to dress.
Arrive early the day of the interview. Observe the work environment. You will be able to listen to other employees and see how they interact. Other things to notice:
  • Parking
  • The cars in the lot
  • The tidiness of the building
  • The signage posted on the building
  • The décor inside the building
  • The cleanliness of the bathrooms
  • The lighting
  • The educational information provided in the reception area (including periodicals)
By taking the extra time to research the company, you will be more knowledgeable of the company. That way, when the time comes to interview, you will know if the company will be a good fit. Of course, knowing that you like what you've found will only motivate you further to do well in your initial interview.
The interviewer will be impressed by your knowledge of the company and your initiative to learn as much as you could before going in for an interview

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