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Preparing For a Panel Interview

So you finally got a job interview invitation and you couldn't be happier. You're now one step closer to landing your dream job...

So you finally got a job interview invitation and you couldn't be happier. You're now one step closer to landing your dream job. You now receive a call from the company representative advising you to prepare for a panel interview. As if a single interview is not stressful enough; even more so with panel interviews.
Though less common, panel interviews are very possible. And because they are quite not the ordinary, more often than not, the company will inform you regarding the matter ahead of time. Just so you can prepare well. And you definitely should.

Panel interviews can be nerve-wracking. The thought of speaking in front of 2 or more people being questioned can be quite challenging. Here are some tips to survive and hopefully pass the panel interview with success:

You would need to be in your best possible condition, be physically and mentally prepared as they say. Get adequate rest the night before your interview. A good night sleep will keep your mind afresh and sharp the next day. You would definitely need that for your big day.
Also, avoid going to the interview with an empty stomach. Get yourself a good (preferably healthy) meal prior your interview. This will give you a steady supply of energy needed both by your mind and body.
If you're an experience job seeker and have been to numerous interviews before, you now have some ideas on what they will ask you -common interview questions about you, your education or previous work experience, etc. Try to practice some lines - especially the "introduce yourself" part, so to start off the interview with confidence.

Get to know more about the company and job position your applying for, the job description to be exact. Learn as much as you can about the organization. Familiarize yourself with the company's history, mission and vision, and policies. Dig dipper if you must so you won't necessarily look clueless on the interview itself.
Dress appropriately. The importance of proper dress code couldn't be stress even more. The phrases "dress to impress" and "dress for success" should guide you well. Come in perfect business attire. Wear your best tie if you must. If you have a silk necktie, you should not have any second thoughts of wearing it, especially if it will make you look smart.

Prepare your own set of questions ahead of time -your concerns, expectations, or questions about company policies etc. Panel interviews are rarely one-sided. Often times, they would give you a chance to ask some questions too. Doing so also indicates your level of interest for the job. Of course, don't ask silly, unrelated questions. Be smart, professional, and courteous. List your questions prior your interview and preferably, memorize them too. It's quite annoying to see you glancing on a piece of paper while all eyes are on you.
Of course, as with one to one interviews, it's also natural to feel some level of nervousness. But don't let this get on your way. Relax and keep your poise. Yes, this is easily said than done, but being able to keep your emotions in control will go a long way.
Here's another tip - During the interview, take one question at time.

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