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Second Interview Questions

Having successfully gone through the first round of your interviews, you should immediately begin to prepare for your second interview...

Having successfully gone through the first round of your interviews, you should immediately begin to prepare for your second interview. While it is definitely a good thing that you have been called back for round two, it is also important to remember that things are bound to get tougher as you get closer to getting the job. This means you need to be well prepared for your second interview questions. Your preparation for the second round should focus on two key areas. These are reviewing the issues that were addressed in your first interview and role specific issues that relate to how you will work in the position you are interviewing for as well as how you will work with others in the organization.

Review of first interview questions
As interviewers prepare questions for your second interview, they often draw some issues from your responses in the first interview. It is therefore important to replay the initial session in your mind and take note of important issues that came up as well as those that you may not have conclusively dealt with. After noting these important issues, prepare comprehensive answers that will adequately answer the question initially asked and any others that may arise. Remember that this review of questions from the previous interview is meant to establish consistency and provide clarification.

Role specific second interview questions
Another common inclusion in the second interview questions you are likely to deal with, is role specific issues. This means that you will be expected to provide details of how you will deal with various aspects of the job you are applying for. Your understanding of the responsibilities and expectations when working in that post will also be questioned. A good way of preparing for these types of questions is to study and understand the job description that was posted when advertising the position. It usually has very good details of what is expected of those who hold that particular office.

Another category of role specific second interview questions that will often come up, has to do with your personality. At the second interview stage, you need to not only sell your skills to the potential employer but you must also sell yourself as a person. Unlike machines and equipment that are sourced based on specs alone, the human aspect of human resources is also evaluated. Your enthusiasm, passion, professionalism, team spirit, honesty, interest in learning and other positive personality aspects must be communicated to the interviewers. It is however important to remember that of all the personality traits you have, honesty is the most critical and it will be missed if you decide to pretend to be someone you are not.

While there are many other types of questions to ask during an interview interviewers will almost always include these three when preparing second interview questions. Adequate preparation in these areas will therefore significantly increase your chances of success. In many organizations, the second interview is usually the most critical and those who pass this level will be hired or called in for future openings.

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