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The 8 Most Critical Job Interview Tips

Have you ever viewed a job listing and said to yourself "That's my next job. This is perfect for me because I am a great fit f...

Have you ever viewed a job listing and said to yourself "That's my next job. This is perfect for me because I am a great fit for this role." Shortly thereafter, you apply for the position. Not long after, you interview for the role and then the hiring manager goes radio silent on you. You think to yourself, "What happened?" You thought you were the perfect match for the position. "What could have possible gone wrong?" This happens all the time.
The results you got had very little to do with your skill set and ability to perform in the role at a high level. Instead, it had EVERYTHING to do with your technique and approach before and during the interview. Your body language, attitude, and overall confidence speaks louder than anything you express verbally during the interview.
At some point, this has more than likely happened to all of us. The key is to learn these simple solutions to ensure you are prepared the next time you interview for another position.
Here are 8 CRITICAL Interviewing Techniques:
Common Courtesy: Do NOT chew gum during the interview. This seems silly to even have to mention but it happens often. Be on time. Arrive no more than 10 minutes before the interview time. Do not be late but being early can also put the hiring manager in a crunch. Do your homework. You should have researched the company, position applying for and even the hiring manager. Respect their time and title by being prepared.
Tone of Voice: Speak with confidence and authority; do not mumble under your breath. Hold your head up high and speak with clarity. Always pronounce words fully and enunciate. Slang and profanity are NEVER an acceptable form of communication.
Eye contact: Do not look away or stare at the wall, especially if you have an international accent eye contact is critical, it is much easier to understand the words when looking directly at someone.
Posture: Do not slouch, sit up straight and push your shoulders back. Sit still do not fidget, tap tour fingers or talk with your hands it is distracting and annoying. Do not shake your legs or put your hands behind your head like you are about to break out into abdominal crunches (this too has happened).
Facial Expression: This is one of my personal favorite tricks of the trade. It works every time, smile as you talk and see how he or she reacts to you, the mood changes!
Optimism vs. Pessimism: Don't talk about how you were laid off or that everyone was fired and no one was happy at company XYZ. Explain things briefly and move on to more positive subjects. See the glass half full, not half empty.
Handshake: Extend a strong firm grip with confidence. Again, this is a key non-verbal expression and great first impression. This is another one of my personal favorites!
Presentation: Make sure you dress accordingly. Most of the time it will be a professional suit but it could be a uniform depending on the job. Just make sure it is clean, pressed and spotless. Shine your shoes, clean your nails, and have breath mints. As Richard Bolles, the famous author of "What Color is your Parachute" wrote (I am paraphrasing) "it was the dragonflies that killed the interview." If you haven't read this book, I highly recommend it. It is a timeless classic for all job-seekers.
If you apply these concepts, you will have the tools that you need and almost immediately see better results when you go for your next interview.

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