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Why I Like a Pre-Interview Technical Screening

Recently we needed to recruit five Java developers for a project. The project was having a very tight timeline, so it needed resources ...

Recently we needed to recruit five Java developers for a project. The project was having a very tight timeline, so it needed resources very fast. As a small startup company, we were trying to avoid recruitment consultants to cut down recruitment costs.

We started by posting our requirements on various job boards like monster, naukri and various other classified sites. On Friday, before leaving for the day, we posted our requirement on multiple channels.
On Monday morning, we were too happy to see our inbox overflowing with 1000+ applicants. Initial thought was, Wow, things couldn't be more easier.

That's when nightmare began. We started going by each email and were thinking we should be able to get the right candidates in no time. But even after talking to 100+ candidates and consuming almost three days, we were no where.

Some applicants were not suitably located and were not willing to relocate (even though we had posted location and all the details in the posts), some were not having required experience levels and other were simply... well, not worth wasting time on.

We managed to get around 10 candidates for interview by end of the week, but in the interview we found they lacked understanding of technology and were misfit, we could only recruit two of them. So here we were after a week of hard work only with two resources.
That's when we realized that we needed a system that would reduce the manual effort and increase our chance of interview only right candidates.

Applicant Tracking Systems with built-in Pre-interview technical screening feature are very useful in such situation. For a requirement, HR would design a screening test that would cover all the basic technical and other aspects of screening. When candidate applies for a job online or via email, ATS captures all the details about the candidate from resume and sends candidate notification via email and SMS providing him details about online screening test.

Usually only Candidates who are serious about the job would devote 15-30 minutes for screening. Others who have just applied without any real intention of joining would normally skip screening. So that would work as first level of filter. Now you have only those candidates who are actively looking for a new job. Once candidate takes screening tests, system captures their score and no matter what their resume says, you have common benchmark for assessing quality of the candidates. Some ATS can be configured to send out notification to candidates once he clears the screening test with your contact details. So now you don't have to hunt for candidates. Candidates who are serious about job and have cleared screening would contact you!
Technology is revolutionizing recruitment process all over world. Are you using right systems to recruit the talent your company deserves?



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